Welcome to the Online World of Steven F. LeBrun

My previous site was started well over a decade ago.  It was primarily a glorious set of bookmarks.  That site stopped working at some point when my hosting company changed my settings and ASP functionality stop working.  It was a feature that was originally available from Linux hosting systems in the dark ages when I first starting writing web sites.  The was rewritten many times over the years.  It was original plain HTML, then it was PHP driven and finally ASP driven.

That site has been permanently shut down.  Out if its ashes arises my new website.  This time I decided to go with a WordPress based website, not for blogging though it is for sharing information.  It also gives me an excuse to write WordPress plugins and child themes.   There are plenty of themes and plugins already in existence that I could use though this site is also a learning experience for me where I get to play with the latest web technology and what better way to learn than to do it yourself.

The rebirth of my personal website will be slow as I weed through the older versions and decide what I want to keep and what should be forgotten.  This will probably be a slow process as I work on section by section of my previous site.  Hopefully, you will follow the process, find interesting stuff here, including links to lots of sites that I find interesting and/or useful.  And if you want, I always look forward to feedback, on design, content, etc.


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