Steven's LiBrary

Welcome to Steven's LiBrary

Each member of the family has their own special room. Debra has her room to make music. Sarah has a room where her imagination can soar. I was originally going to let my room be my computer room since I work with computers all the time, both at work and at home. After some thinking, I decided that a better room to represent me is the Library.

I love books, both for the knowledge that they contain and for the places they can take you. In my library at home, which also doubles as my computer room, I have books from many places in my life. I have some of my science fiction books which I have been collecting and reading since childhood. I have my books on general physics and nuclear physics from my college days. (I am a Nuclear Physicist by training and a Software Engineer by trade). I have books on different topics of programming. Even music books and massage books have found a home in my library.

Each book has a story to tell. Some tell of places far away in space or time or imagination. Some tell the story of the atom or the mystical world of quantum physics or the life of the universe. Some hold temporal sculptures of sound waiting to be released by flute and piano. All have something to offer to those who take the time to listen.

So, welcome to my world. This room in cyberspace is but a stepping stone to the great world around us. Pick a door and step through. Find out where your mind can take you.