My interests in computers date back to the late 1970’s.  I took several computer classes in high school, learning Fortran IV, Cobol and Neat/3.  (Neat/3 was the assembly language of the NCR computers, NCR is National Cash Register.)  I also joined a computer programming Explorer Scout troup where I learned how a computer “thinks“.  I took to programming and was hooked for life.

In graduate school, I wrote two major programs; an operating system for data acquisition and an analysis program.  The operating system was in Current Pascal and the analysis program was an object oriented program written in Fortran.  Granted, I had never heard of object oriented programming in the early 80’s when I wrote the program but that is basically what it was and why it survived many years after I left graduate school.

My career has been that of a software engineer.  My work has been wide ranging from scientific software for MIT/Lincoln Labs to data storage systems, to network backup technology, business applications and content delivery networks.  It is hard to say if programming is my career or hobby since I love developing programs.

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