ASP, Active Server Pages, was Microsoft answer for doing server side programming on webpages.  There are many of Microsoft technologies that I do not care for, this is not one of those.  It was a nice and simple technology that helped replaced CGI gateway programming.  This website used to be built using ASP.  The reason that this website is no longer written using ASP is that my basic web host plan with Lunarpages does not include it as a free add-on.  It was many years ago; I have been with Lunarpages for over a decade.  Lunarpages has grandfathered me a couple of times and extended my free use of ASP.  This time when the free usage ended, I decided it was time to let go of ASP and move on to newer technology, WordPress and PHP.  I still have a fond spot in my heart for ASP and hope that it is still being used by non-Microsoft web servers.

ASP Resources


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