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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer about the size of a deck of cards.  Made by  The Raspberry Pi Foundation , a UK-based charity.  The Raspberry  Pi comes in several different models.  The current major versions are the Raspberry Pi 3B, as seen on the left, and the smaller Raspberry Pi Zero W.   Both the 3B and Zero W come with builtin wireless capacity, a feature missing from earlier models.

Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, Zero and Zero W have a 40 pin GPIO, General-Purpose Input/Output connector.  Earlier models have a 26 pin GPIO.  The GPIO connector can be used to connect the Raspberry Pi to various other boards, referred to as Hats.

The Raspberry Pi is powered from a 5V power supply through a micro-USB connector.  Its power consumption ranges from 1.5 W when idle up to 6.7 W under maximum stress.  The operating system is stored on a MicroSD card.

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