One of the reasons that I maintain this personal website is that it provides me with a playground in which I can try out different web technologies.  This refactoring of my website is providing the opportunity to play with WordPress and write my own themes and plugins.  I am not ready to attempt writing a theme from scratch though I have written a child theme where I can tweak the theme that I am using without actually changing the theme.  I have started writing a series of plugins from scratch to provide functionality that I would like to share.

One such plugin that I have written is called Code Box.  It is a plugin with one custom post type that allows the display of source code in a box with scroll bars and line numbers.  This plugin is available at this site and I may someday submit it the WordPress Plugin repository if I can make myself move the curly brackets from where I find them most useful to the WordPress standard.

Another plugin that I am working on is one that stores URLs in a custom post type that contains the title or label that is displayed, the URI and an optional description.  This plugin provides two shortcodes that allow a set of links to be displayed in either table or list format selected by one or more taxonomies.  This plugin allows other plugins to add taxonomies to the list of supported taxonomies and to add terms to taxonomies.  The supported taxonomies and their terms are selectable on the add/edit Links page.  This is a case where I could have used someone else’s plugin.  The purpose is to learn to write plugins and what better way to that than to actually write plugins.

The third plugin that I am working on is one that supports libraries, linking books with authors and editors as well as with publishers and book series.  This plugin makes use of the Links plugin mentioned in the previous paragraph and will allow me to make public the books that I like and the authors that I enjoy.

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