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Sleeping Pouches that I Made

No-Sew Sleeping Pouch

No Sew Sleeping Pouch

The first sleeping pouches that I made were the no-sew sleeping pouches.  As you can see from the photo, the sleeping pouch is held together by tying the fringe around three sides.  This is less than optimal because there is a risk that the sugar glider can get their nails caught in the knots and any spaces they develop between the knots.  This problem never happen to my sugar gliders though I did retire the two no-sew sleeping pouches after borrowing a sewing machine and following the instructions for sewing double layer sleeping pouches from YouTube channel of Flying Marsupial, links to her videos are listed below.

TARDIS Sleeping Pouch

TARDIS Sleeping Pouch

The next set of sleeping pouches that I made were based on the instructions by Flying Marsupial, links below.  These pouches are doubled lined and have almost no seams exposed to the sugar gliders.  The exception to this is the seam used to close the hole that the pouches were pulled right side out through.

The first two sleeping pouches used a Doctor Who theme fleece.  The fleece has multiple Tardis (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space — The Doctor’s Time Machine) and the words Time Lord and TARDIS on it.  The trick with these pouches was cutting the fleece so that a full Tardis and one of the sayings are completely visible on each side.  The Tardis Sleeping Pouches used strips of fleece to hold the 1/2 inch key rings and clasps.

Black/Purple/White Sugar Glider Slipping pouch with purple interior.

Sleeping pouch with boxed corners.

The next sleeping pouch that I made used the fleece that was the inside material of the TARDIS Sleeping pouch on the outside and the a solid purple fleece on the inside.  Like the other sleeping pouches, this one has boxed corners on the bottom.  The boxed corners make the pouch have a flat bottom instead of one that comes together at the seam.  IMHO this is more comfortable for the sugar gliders.

Another change with this sleeping pouch is that it has a black web/belt strap, 1/2 inch wide, instead of straps made out of fleece.  These straps look like they will last longer than the ones made of fleece.  The key rings are 1 inch instead of the 1/2 inch key rings.  I thought that the the 1/2 inch key rings in the 1/2 belt strap would be too tight a fit.  I would have preferred to use 3/4 inch key rings but did not have any.  I do have the option of switching the key rings for the smaller size since the key rings can be removed without cutting any material.

 Sleeping Pouches Resources

  • Sugar Glider Pouch-Making - 1 of 2
    This is the first of two videos on YouTube that show how to make a lined sleeping pouch from Flying Marsupial. I have found these two videos helpful and have constructed several sleeping pouches based on these instructions.
  • Sugar Glider Pouch-Making - 2 of 2
    This is the second of two videos on YouTube that show how to make a lined sleeping pouch from Flying Marsupial.
  • Suz' Sugar Gliders - NoSewPouch
    Instructions for making a no sew sleeping pouch for sugar gliders.  All that is needed are 2 12" square pieces of fleece, 2 clasps, and a pair of scissors.

Sugar Gliders in Sleeping Pouch

Pippin and Merry in a TARDIS Sleeping Pouch

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