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No Sew Trampoline

No Sew Trampoline

The no sew trampoline show here is one of my first attempts to make a toy for my sugar gliders.  It is basically a 6 inch diameter brass ring covered with two pieces of fleece with the pieces held together by tying the fringe with the brass ring inside.  The project was a success in that I ended up with a finished product.  It was not success in that my sugar gliders did not use it.  If I placed a treat on the trampoline, it would disappear before morning so my sugar gliders could climb onto and out of the trampoline. If there were no treats on the trampoline they would ignore it.


NOTE: This photo was taken shortly after I got my first sugar glider.  Pippin, my first sugar glider, soon moved to a much larger cage than the Pocket Pet cage shown here.  This cage is smaller than the recommended size for active sugar gliders and it is only used now as a travel cage since it just fits in through my back seat car door.  The exercise wheel, sold to me when I bought Pippin has also been replaced with a safe Stealth Wheel by AtticWorx .

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