Why am I building a Robotic Car?

My objectives are:

  • The car is controlled from an Android App.
  • The car will have one or two sensors that will prevent it from bumping into walls.
  • The car will be controlled by an Arduino Uno board and a Raspberry Pi 3 computer.

The real reasons that I am doing this:

  • Because I can.  And because I want to stretch my software development muscles.
  • To develop the software for the following:
    • Arduino control of the motors that drive the wheels
    • Arduino control the servo motor and an ultrasonic range finder sensor.
      • One sensor will be placed in the front of the car and the other, optional, in the rear.
    • Arduino communicates with Raspberry Pi over a USB connection.
      • Receives commands to drive the wheels
      • Receives commands to run the range finder sensor.
      • Send the data from the sensor back to the Raspberry Pi.
    • Raspberry Pi communicates with Android App over a wireless connection, either WiFi or Bluetooth
      • Commands received to include and are not limited to; go, stop, turn right, turn left.
      • Send status back to Android App
    • Raspberry Pi communicates Arduino Uno over USB connection.
      • Sends commands to start, stop and turn for motors.
      • Sends commands to run the Range Finding Sensors.
        • Different modes; forward only, sweeping forward, full 180 degree sweep.
      • Process the range data and generate new commands based on the results.
    • Android App that allows manual control of the Robotic Car.


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